Spurring citizens to connect and engage with eGovernment

How new media applications can help governments deliver e-services more efficiently than kiosks or Web portals, through successful apps, loyalty programs, gamification, and social media.

by Booz

Designed correctly, apps are highly personal, always on, and able to fulfill a specific set of functions, making them extremely easy to use. They also build on the pervasiveness of mobile technology. Because of these advantages, policymakers across the globe are rushing to launch mobile e-government apps as rapidly as possible. In an effort to engage citizens and deliver services through new media, governments should keep the overall objective in mind. The goal is to do more than just develop a high volume of apps. Rather, governments should aim to create well-designed apps that spur citizens and other customers (e.g., businesses and tour-ists) to connect more frequently and directly with the government, increasing transparency and participation.

Engagement is critical. To that end, three measures will help increase engagement with mobile e-government apps. First, loyalty programs can reward users for multiple transactions, allowing them to redeem points for products or services, or upgrade to a more exclusive status for future transactions. Second, ‘gamification’, the application of game principles to real-world situations, introduces the concepts of achievement, competition, and even fun to government services. Third, social media allow users to share their experiences with friends, and pro- vides governments with the means to connect with constituents through channels they are already familiar with and use daily. Beyond these three measures, a critical success factor in the journey to win the mobile game in government is the establishment of the right ecosystem, which leverages the strengths of central government, sectorial agencies, and the private sector. Employed correctly, these measures will help governments develop apps that truly deliver on the promise of e-services—driving higher adoption rates, increasing satisfaction about services among citizens, reducing service delivery costs, and improving citizen engagement. Summary from WP: BoozCo_Mechanisms for Better Customer Engagement