Malaysia transit rolling out smart cards

PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PMB), is to issue a new reusable smart transit card for travelers of the North-South Express (NSE) and ELITE highway.As one of the largest listed toll expressway operators in Southeast Asia, PMB is phasing outs its paper transit ticketing system, according to news reports. The smart card-based system is stated as one of PLUS’ latest strategies to improve toll plaza operations through the upgrading of its toll system in line with current technology and support the government’s ‘Go Green’ policy to preserve the environment by using recyclable transit cards. For the initial trial, cash-paying users will be given the reusable smart transit card upon entering the highway and it must be surrendered to PLUS when they exit the highway and pay the toll. The reusable smart transit card system has also been implemented on the NSE between the Sungai Dua and Hutan Kampung toll plazas.