Kobil fulfils new ECB requirements for ePayment security

Kobil Systems, a manufacturer of innovative technologies in the sector of data security and digital identity, is a global supplier of user-friendly, innovative and modular platform technology which optimally secures payment processes. With Kobil’s Application Security Technology, (AST), the company says it offers the solution for securing European SEPA payment transactions against hackers in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Since AST is a software solution, it converts the smartphone into a 2-factor authentication solution without the need for an additional device. The AST solution offers the 2-factor authentication presented in the ECB list of demands. AST can function on all platforms and all device types: in classical e-Banking and the new areas of Mobile Payment and Secure Messaging. AST offers banks the opportunity to easily and quickly implement the new European security directives in payment transactions in accordance with ECB. According to Kobile, these are strong authentication of the final customer (2-factor authentication), user identification, transaction monitoring and protection of sensitive payment data.