Infineon secures chips for Taiwan e-passports

Infineon Technologies has announced it is supplying its semiconductor-based security chips to support Taiwan’s new electronic passport program

This is the second major project driven by the government of Taiwan that relies on security chips from Infineon. Infineon states it is the single supplier and has started shipping security chips of the SLE78 product family based on the digital security technology Integrity Guard, designed to offer particularly solid protection against unauthorized data manipulation.
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Morpho supplies NFC for Portuguese contactless MobiPag

Morpho (Safran) has announced its participation in the Portuguese MobiPag project aimed to develop the dematerialization of payments with the use of personal mobile devices as an automatic payment terminal

Morpho supplied its NFC Evolution SIM cards to the three Portuguese mobile operators in the national consortium that drives the project. The project is driven by a consortium of companies and organizations and sponsored by the Center of Excellence for Dematerialization of Transactions (CEDT), a private non-profit association.
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Thales delivers e-passport management system in Uzbekistan

Thales, in cooperation with the prime contractor Oberthur Technologies, has delivered a complete biometric e-passport issuance and control solution for the Republic of Uzbekistan, marking the new system’s entry into operational service throughout the country

In 2010, Thales was selected by Oberthur Technologies to deliver the e-passport system for the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Finance.

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Tigo deploys secure mobile address backup in Latin America

Customers of mobile services provider Tigo in Latin America has deployed Morpho’s address book backup solution

Tigo subscribers are now able to easily save their contacts by selecting the service on their SIM card menu and choosing one of the three triggering options: manually, automatically by time, or automatically by number of contact updates. Once backed up, if customers need to migrate to a new SIM card, all of their contacts can be restored automatically from the server to the new SIM card. To ensure easy access to contact details, the customer can also securely manage his or her contact details on a website providing easy access and editing.