Two-factor fixes disk encryption with PKI

Nuremberg security company, certgate, announced an updated version of cgBoot, a product providing companies with an introduction to the encryption and signing of emails. cgBoot is a combined software and hardware solution for the encryption of fixed disks in desktop and notebook PCs. cgCard, a cryptochip in microSD format, is the secure hardware element and part of the Merkel-Phone, the security product used by the federal government as part of SiMKo. Certgate states in fixed disk encryption, the combination of hardware and software is far more secure than pure software solutions because the passphrase is stored in an encrypted container on the microSD card. The user only needs to enter one PIN when booting up the computer, as for a mobile phone. The certgate product offers protection from data theft and hacker attacks. It is just as impossible to replace the master boot record as it is to hack the passphrase by brute force. An extension to include a PKI functionality is possible In the current version of cgBoot. With the optionally available PKI enhancement kit, the microSD card contained in cgBoot can be used like any other smartcard to encrypt and authenticate emails and in a large number of other network scenarios, including VPN, Web-Login etc.