The ID Community Publications

From Global Identification, ID WORLD and ID People to Sustainable Development

Since year 2000 the ID Community Publications represent in their field what “Wired” magazine has been for the Internet Revolution community one decade before.

ICT driven innovation and the ID Revolution have been in the DNA of our community for 15 years. As we progress our investigation on how technologies can support sustainable development, we remain invigorated as our audience grows in size, reach and impact. We look at the needs of our society and industries and we continue to watch and report on the strategic importance that identity and identification have in the era of globalization, digitalization and mobility. Join us as we aggregate a community capable of expressing thought leadership and a unique view of the sophisticated world of ID and its spectrum of technologies and their applications.

Innovation isn’t just plug and play.

Sustainable Development and ID Community Publications are designed to give voice to all stakeholders of ICT driven innovation and all players within the ID Revolution Community. They are here to inform about the incredible innovation brought about by the rapid adoption of advanced identification technologies, addressing issues in an unbiased way. This is why in the print, digital and mobile platforms of the ID Community Publications provide the most ambitious and attractive editorial framework and a clear context for the messages they disseminate to our select audiences. With our websites, electronic newsletters, tablet-friendly versions, we have the perfect vehicle through which to target specific market segments and inform them about how identification matters and how your auto ID manufacturing equipment, product, system or solution works in that specific scenario.

Innovation is technology agnostic.

The ID Community Publications are technology-agnostic, reporting not only on technologies such as RFID, cards and biometrics, but on any technology that can support ICT driven innovation and solve an identification problem. They have the credibility that comes with being an unbiased media, with a 15-year history of looking at the ICT, data collection, RFID, card and biometrics industries from a neutral standpoint.

The ID Community Publications cover the entire spectrum of existing identification technologies and the technical, economical and social issues related to their implementation. They provide an invaluable instrument to decision makers in both public and private sector involved in creating a competitive advantage for their organizations through the deployment of advanced identification technologies such as RFID, biometrics, smart cards and automatic data collection.


Global Identification is the most established brand highlighting applications based on leading- edge auto ID technologies: RFID, biometrics, GPS, smart cards, AIDC and multifunctional systems. Global Identification reports benchmark technologies, concepts and solutions dedicated to security and access control, logistics, EAS, transactions, animal tracking and farming applications, personal identity authentication, ticketing, manufacturing and supply chain management.


ID People is our brand introducing you to the decision makers of the ID revolution, presenting their vision of a technology- based society. In the fragmented realm of the auto ID business, ID People is the networking instrument that allows both vendors and users to connect and exchange valuable information and opinions. ID People profiles the CEOs and CTOs of suppliers as well as potential users of auto ID technology and presents the ideas of global opinion leaders.


ID WORLD highlights the trends within the ICT and auto ID industry that will have the most significant impact on the design and use of future ID solutions. It offers an overview of the industry players, describing companies which foster the development of the highest performing and most cost-effective ID systems. ID WORLD includes our community’s directories categorized by technology (Annual Buyer¹s Guide). Further directories by applications are published throughout the year (Top Suppliers in: ePassport Technology, Mobile Authentication, Animal ID Technology, and Anticounterfeiting Technology).

Sustainable Development is our umbrella brand and prime title addressing government authorities and high-profile decision makers, within public and private sector. Sustainable Development highlights the purpose of ICT-driven innovation and the strategic relevance of ID systems as they are applied to increase security and accountability while facilitating and expediting processes and service delivery.