ID People EMEA Awards 2014


The winners of this year’s Future Cities, Global Migration and ID People EMEA
Awards were revealed on February 25th during Wise Media’s seventh annual summit
on sustainable development held in Abu Dhabi. At the ceremony, hosted by Sophie
B. de la Giroday, President of Wise Media and Host of the Sustainability Summit,
awards were presented as the community’s recognition of the important contributions
made by the thought leaders, policy makers, innovators and pioneering integrators
that drive modernization and the development of today’s digital infrastructures. The
awards are assigned to outstanding members of the Sustainable Development
community who have distinguished themselves driving innovative projects in the
areas of citizen ID, transportation security and asset tracking, as well as for their
leadership in key developments in the topic areas discussed by the specific
Sustainability Summit working groups – Future Cities and Global Migration.

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ID People Awards 2013

Winners of the 10th Annual ID People Awards announced.
Read the final report see who the winners are!

The ID People Awards are assigned each year to outstanding thought leaders, decision makers and influencers in the public and private sectors who shape today’s understanding of the strategic importance of identities. They are the most internationally renowned tribute presented to those who drive the modernization of ID schemes in all vertical application fields.

The ID People Awards have been assigned to government representatives at ministerial level, to industry leaders, as well as to those less exposed individuals who have played an important role in guiding today’s interpretation of identification-driven innovation. They are supported by direct nomination from the candidate’s peers and presented once a year globally on the basis of direct voting from the extended audience of the ID Revolution Community and twice regionally.

Award Categories
  • The ID Community Award
    Assigned to the person who has most generously dedicated time and effort for the sake of supporting the activities of the ID Community
  • The ID Leadership Award
    Assigned to a recognized leader who has spearheaded initiatives, through growth and innovation, to the benefit of the entire industry
  • The ID Limelight Award
    Assigned to the person who has attracted the highest media attention for his revolutionary ideas on the possible applications of auto ID technology
  • The ID Trail Blazer Award
    Assigned to the person who is helping the ID Community envision what will happen in the coming generations
  • The ID Outstanding Achievement Award
    Assigned to the person who has produced the most concrete results in the field of auto ID


2013 calendar of ID People Award ceremonies

Join us as we applaud finalists and winners:

ID People EMEA Awards 2013
Presented in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on February 12th
Download Final Report EMEA Awards 2013

ID People Americas Awards 2013
Presented in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on September 27th
Download Final Report Americas Awards 2012

ID People 2013 Awards
Presented in Frankfurt, Germany, on November 5th

10 years, from peer to peer and from winner to winner!

Since 2004, the ID People Award Ceremonies hosted by On Publishing have been a unique occasion for the members of an influential community of decision makers to gather from around the world and celebrate the movers and shakers of the ID Revolution. The awards are regarded as the world’s most prestigious independent recognition of the contribution made by the thought leaders, innovators and pioneering adopters that drive the development and deployment of advanced identification technology and programs.

By tradition, the winners of the awards presented in former years participate in the ID People Award ceremonies to present the tributes to the winners of the year.

The ID People Awards were created by the editorial team of the magazine ID People, one of the ID Community publications and official publication of ID WORLD Events. They are presented each year to the drivers of the ID Revolution who have distinguished themselves for commitment, leadership, creativity and innovation. They recognize the outstanding work of those who play a prime role in today’s global effort to address the challenges and opportunities related to automatic identification.

To request assistance for the nomination of your candidates, you can refer to the
editorial team of the ID Community Publications